About us

Laboratoires Grand Fontaine is an international healthcare company specialized in investigating, developing and manufacturing adult medical nutrition products.

Laboratoires Grand Fontaine was founded with the aim of improving the nutritional status of adults – and by extension, their health and quality of life.

For people suffering from malnutrition due to their advanced age, or with special dietary needs as a result of a variety of conditions – including cancer, diabetes, multiple trauma, or surgery – an optimum nutritional management is essential to maintain quality of life, and reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality. Laboratoires Grand Fontaine specializes in science-based nutritional solutions for this large segment of the population.


Thanks to its FontActiv® range, Laboratoires Grand Fontaine offers a wide variety of products made from innovative nutrients and ingredients, and designed to improve the health of patients and the elderly: high intake of proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, reduction of the glycemic index, reinforcement of the immune system and regulation of intestinal transit. The FontActiv® range brings advanced recipes and appetizing natural ingredients for treating malnutrition, dehydration, sarcopenia, diabetes and dysphagia, as well as many other disorders.