FontActiv Cereals

FontActiv Cereals

FontActiv Cereals is a range of instant cereals rich in vitamins, highly bioavailable milk proteins, minerals, and prebiotics. Developed as a substitute for dairy and cereal products and tailored to the dietary needs of patients, the texture of the product is adapted for dysphagic patients to ensure safe swallowing.
Key features
Instant preparation
High-energy: 202 -204 kcal / portion reconstituted with 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk
Natural ingredients, GMO free, with prebiotics (Fructo-Oligosaccharides or FOS)
Gluten-free (except for 8 Cereals, and Cereals and Cocoa flavours)

Flavours: 8 Cereals – Cereals and Cocoa – Sweet creamed rice

Packaging: Carton box 600 g (2 x 300 g)

Preparation and recommended intakes
FontActiv Cereals can be prepared in a few minutes.
To reconstitute a portion, add 30 g of the product to 200 – 220 ml of milk, water, or yoghurt. It can be prepared warm or cold.
Dosage should be determined by a clinician or dietician according to individual requirements.
For the dietary management of patients suffering from:
Protein-energy malnutrition or risk of malnutrition
Swallowing and chewing disorders (dysphagia)
Loss of appetite, recovery
Digestive disorders
It is also suitable for glycemic disorders.

Must be used under medical supervision.
Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
The “Cereals and Cocoa” reference is not suitable for patients with phenylketonuria.

Average content for 30 g of powder reconstituted with 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk:

Energy                     202 – 204 kcal
Protein                     9 – 9.5 g (18 – 19% kcal)
Carbohydrates       31.5 – 33.8 g (62 – 66% kcal)
Fat                            3.4 – 3.6 g (15 – 16% kcal)
Fibre                         1.6 – 2.6 g (2 – 3% kcal)

13 vitamins and 11 minerals