FontActiv Comfort

FontActiv Comfort

FontActiv Comfort is a nutritional suplement made of soluble dietary fiber 100% based on acacia gum. It can be easily dissolved into different liquids (water, juice, milk…) without modifying taste or texture.
Key features:
• Intestinal transit regulation
• Proven bifidogenic effect
• Stimulation of beneficial Short Chain Fatty Acids production
• High digestive tolerance: up to 50g/day
• Glycaemic control
• Tooth remineralization
• Low caloric value
• GMO Free

Flavour: neutral

Packaging: 125 g compositub tin

One scoop of 5 g dissolved in water or other liquids. The recommended daily intake is 1- 2 servings per day: 5-10 g.
* Helps regulating gastrointestinal transit of those suffering from pain, diarrhea/constipation episodes and irregularity.
* Inflammatory Bowel disease
* Transit disorders concurring with renal insuficency


100 % Acacia Gum