FontActiv Synbiotics

FontActiv Synbiotics

FontActiv Symbiotics is a dietary supplement with probiotic and prebiotic effects.
Key features
Each 3 g sachet provides:
10 x 109 lactic ferments with probiotic effect
2.5g of polydextrosewith prebiotic effect

Flavour: Neutral

Packaging:   pack of 10 x 3 g sachets

Preparation and recommended intakes
Add the content of one sachet into water, liquid or semi-liquid foods.
Daily recommended intake is 1 sachet per day, during a meal.
For the dietary management of patients suffering from:
Transit and digestive disorders
Low defenses, recurrents infections
Microbiota recovering after diarrhea, antibiotics therapy
Sedentarism, porr fedding habits

Must be used under medical supervision.
Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.
Not suitable for children under 1 year old.

Average content for 3 g of powder:

Fibre                               2.5 g
Lactic ferments            10 x 109 ufc