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FontActiv Protein

Instant protein powder module for the dietary management of patients with protein-energy malnutrition, sarcopenia and general patient recovery.

Caloric distribution (%)

P/CHO/L/F: 94/1/5/0

1 serving contains

Energy (Kcal) 49
Protein (g) 11.5
Lipids (g) 0.3
Carbs (g) 0.1
Nutritional facts
Nutritional facts Preparation and dosage Presentation
AVERAGE CONTENT Per 100 g Per portion (13.2 g)
Energy kcal/kJ 370/1570 49/207
Lipids g 2 0.3
Of which saturated g 0 0
Carbohydrates g 1 0.1
Of which sugars g 1 0.1
Fibre g 0 0
Protein g 87 11.5
Salt g 1.25 0.17
Sodium mg 500 66

Ingredients: whey proteins, emulsifier: soy lecithin.


To obtain one portion, add 4 level spoonfuls of 3.3 g (11.5 g of proteins) or the sachet content into liquid or semi-liquid, cold or hot foods and drinks.

Once prepared, consume immediately.


Store in a cool and dry place to prevent deterioration due to humidity and high temperatures.

Once opened, consume within 4 weeks.


Daily dosage depends on patient’s needs.

Package: Compositube (330g) or sachet (13,2g and 7,5g) format

Flavour: Neutral

Therapeutic indications

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