FontActiv Protein

FontActiv Protein

FontActiv Protein is an enrichment powder containing whey proteins of high nutritional value and high bioavailability. It is suitable for the dietary management of sarcopenia, energy-malnutrition and general patient recovery.
Thanks to its texture and neutral taste, FontActiv Protein can easily be integrated into the patient’s daily diet.
Key features
Instant powder with excellent solubility
High-protein (87 g / 100 g of powder)
Whey proteins of high bioavailability
Low fat, gluten free, low lactose

Flavour: Neutral – doesn’t affect the flavour of food and beverages.

Packaging: 330 g tin

Preparation and recommended intakes
Use FontActiv Protein to enrich drinks (eg. milk or fruit juices), purees, soups, or desserts.
Daily intake should be adapted to individual requirements.
For the dietary management of patients with increased energy requirements, suffering from:
Protein malnutrition
Weight loss

Must be used under medical supervision.
Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Average content for 100 g

Energy                   370 kcal
Protein                  87 g (94% kcal)
Carbohydrates     1 g (1% kcal)
Fat                          2,2 g (5% kcal)
Fibre                       0 g (0% kcal)

6 minerals